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Make Beats OnlineHey Spider here,

If you are looking for the best way to make beats online, then I’m glad you found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading…

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Thought I’d share my *uncensored* way to make your own beats online story with you all:

The ups, the downs, all the stuff I tried – what didn’t work and finally the one make beats online program that did…

My story of when I first wanted to make music beats online starts back in high school…

I was really a pretty lousy, part time D.J. and wannabe music producer, about as far away from Dr. Dre as you could get, none of the kids respected me and generally I just felt like a loser. Dj’ing house and back yard parties, I was getting nowhere fast. I figured my lack of music production skills was the problem and so I set out to learn how to produce music and make beats online.

But that was a stupid idea, i wasn’t into complex computer software and going to a studio for hours a day to pretend I knew what I was doing, while spending a fortune at the same time, was out of the question. Tried it and regretted it. Instead I wanted something that was simple intuitive and straight forward. I didn’t want to be Rick Ruben here… at least not yet.  :)

So, I decided I wanted to make beats online. I wanted to be a talented music producer. i spent many years searching for simple music production software, that anyone could use, and failed with pretty much every program I came across.

Now, After Just a Few Hours, My Online Beat Making is Off The Chain!

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Those freestyle tapes sucked, results from only 20 minutes of listening a day – Yeah right! And I didn’t have time to read 2 hours worth of professional music producing material. I was a beginner and I needed something that made sense for me. I just wanted to make my own beats online, was that too much too ask?

I tried professional producing software too.  Yeah I know, BAD idea, guilty as charged. Anyway, once again poor results. A quick note to anyone considering professional software as a beginner: Don’t. It’s awful, way too complicated and it gave me migraines. Anything professional is usually no good for beginners.

I tried different “make beats online” music production material too. And believe it or not, some of it did work… kind of. You see, one of the main things preventing producers that are just starting out from making beats online, is the lack of simple, quality software and good production tutorials. No matter how advanced you think you are, making music is definitely “hands on.” Anyway… so some music production material may help.

But the misinformation overload was too much for me. I can’t digest the wrong information every day and expect to make progress with my music and to be taken seriously. I was at my wits end.

Anyway, I gave my “make beats online” search up for a few years, convinced that it was just a dream. Until one night after going to the club I was talking to this guy I see down there sometimes, Doug Campbell and i started asking how he became so recently popular on the local hip hop and rap scene…

I mean, last time I saw him he was struggling with his beats like me. Long story short and a 1 hour conversation later, he told me about this make beats online program on the internet.

It’s called Sonic Producer, so I figured I might as well check it out and man am I glad I did. It didn’t work quite as quickly as it advertised on the site but within just a few days I was making free hip hop beats that sounded unbelievable… And I’d hardly broken a sweat.

1 week later and my hip hop music production was in full swing…

So if you’re looking for a way to make beats online, then I recommend you too check out the sonic producer program. I mean it worked wonders for me.

Make sure to check out my other posts on how to make music online while you’re here.

Thanks for reading,


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How to Make Your Own Beats Online

Make Beats OnlineMost of you are here because of  your desire to make dope beats and to learn how to produce music and are looking for solutions to do it without messin with expensive software or wasting time on equipment that isn’t intuitive.  I too started looking for ways to not only save money but to start producing music that was professional quality. This is when I learned about making beats online and making my own MP3’s.

Online beat making is actually quite easy to do once you have the right system in place, even if you are a complete beginner. The best thing about doing it, is that it is very inexpensive and you feel good about not spinning your wheels looking for a high quality music frequencer. And boy, do you make dope beats! My friends are amazed!

Here is a little about the program that I will introduce to you later to help you make music beats online:

Sonic Producer will teach you how to make your own beats online. Good instrumental beats, for instance, are really hard to come by. Now you have a solution to this and just about anything else to do with freestyle beats.

With Sonic Producer, you can be a part of the new wave of music producers and beat makers by learning how to make beats online!

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Make Beats Online and Produce Your Own Music!

Hello I’m Spider,

First things first, thanks for checking out my new website dedicated to learning to make beats online with Sonic Producer as your vehicle.  What you’ll find here is information  about how to make beats online and producing your own music like you never thought you could.  Discover how you,  just like me,  will be able to do your thing without being a professional musician or without it costing an arm and a leg!

It’s launching in a couple of days and this is one of many posts. Keep checking back for more news on the make beats online website.

* Another Website Marketing Strategies production.

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